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Cleanit Janitorial Services utilizes cutting edge, specialized equipment and procedures to both clean and extend the life of your carpet.  Our services in Sacramento and surrounding areas include pre-spotting and pre-conditioning, deodorizing and sanitizing, hot water extraction, dry chemical cleaning, carpet guard and soil-retardant applications, and treatments to lessen traffic lanes and remove residue.


Keeping your carpets clean is one of the most effective ways to keep your home or business in good shape. Even if everything else looks great, carpets that are soiled with stains or that have been marred by years of heavy traffic are going to make everything else look less than ideal. As a result, we offer a number of different services for both residential and commercial buildings, ranging from things like pre-spotting and pre-conditioning to soil-retardant applications. If you are interested in finding out more information about the services that we offer, continue reading for a more detailed explanation.


Both of these services are intended to make sure that your carpets always look great even when they are exposed to stains, pets and heavy foot traffic. If you have carpet that has some stubborn stains that you have not been able to get rid of, we can use a pre-spotting solution in order to ensure that the stain comes out completely and doesn’t return. By the same token, we typically pre-condition the carpet so that it continues to look its best for years to come, even when it has to stand up to a certain amount of abuse.

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If you really stop and think about it, why wouldn't you want have your carpets sanitized? If you have pets, you have to deal with them tracking in all kinds of things and even if that isn't an issue, just imagine all of the places that you and everyone else walks on a daily basis. You then come into the structure and walk on the carpet with those same shoes on. It only stands to reason that the carpet should be sanitized, especially if you have people that are allergic or small children that are probably around. It is just as important to deodorize the carpet so that it smells great without having the pungent odor of pet messes or other issues lingering throughout the structure.


One of the most effective ways to clean a carpet without causing damage to the padding underneath involves hot water extraction. It works to break up all of the dirt, debris, and odors inside a carpet and gets rid of them without causing additional problems. This is especially effective if you have carpet that hasn't been cleaned in awhile or has a lot of stubborn stains.


In some cases, it might be more beneficial to utilize this type of cleaning in order to get the desired results. This is especially true in structures that involve commercial carpet cleaning, as it might be difficult or near impossible to clean carpets in a more traditional fashion where foot traffic is always high. The key is to find a cleaning method that is effective and this provides one more level of options to you as our valued customer.


This service goes along with many of our other soil-retardant applications. Granted, you want to get the carpet clean but you also want it to stay that way. This is a service that we provide so that it does continue to look and smell great, even when it is being walked on virtually all the time or you have pets that are coming into the house on a regular basis. The idea is to keep the carpet from becoming stained again in the future and these services provide you with an opportunity to ensure that the carpet looks as good as it does when we leave for an extended amount of time. This gives you the chance to enjoy having great looking carpet regardless of the circumstances at hand.


Of course, we also provide treatments to lessen traffic lanes and remove residue. This is often one of our most popular treatments for older carpets and for carpets that are constantly in use. Furthermore, these treatments are typically necessary for situations such as these. The older a carpet is or the more soiled it has become, the more important it is to address those special circumstances as opposed to merely trying to provide the same type of cleaning across-the-board, regardless of the original condition of the carpet itself.

Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Services

You already know why carpet cleaning in Sacramento, CA is important. Now you have a better idea of the different methods that can be used to get your carpet cleaned. If you are dealing with a carpet that you think cannot be cleaned and must be replaced, make sure that you give us a chance before you invest in a new carpet. You might be surprised at the effectiveness of these methods and of the services that we can provide.