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When a building is a completed new construction, the building process leaves behind a mess, the scope of which you would not believe. It isn’t simply sawdust or wood shavings and chips that are left behind. New materials and machinery affect the air quality of the building, especially in the ducts. Very fine dust must be cleaned up before anyone breathes it. Post construction cleaning is a must before the building can be inhabited. There are a lot of things that should be cleaned up from a construction site that the naked eye can’t see.

How is the Cleaning Done?

mask for cleaning

The first thing is to don protective clothing, masks, and gloves. Then the construction debris is collected and carted off. The wood shavings and other building trash left behind will be swept up using special HEPA filter equipment. A second go-round is then necessary to wipe down every single surface in the building, including the ceilings. Dust and construction particulates can cling to any surface. Your professional cleaning team will go over every square inch including closets, ledges, baseboards, doors and lintels, moldings and cabinetry to remove such things.

You’d be surprised what will cling to a window pane. We go over every piece of glass in the place with special cleansers that will not only remove particulates but prime the glass. You won’t believe the shine you’ll get, and you’ll rest assured that nothing will be contaminating the air you breathe.

Shell cleaning is imperative. If any spaces were left unfinished and are just the framing and concrete floors, then contaminating particulates and dust are left behind. These can irritate asthmatics, allergy sufferers, COPD patients and heart trouble sufferers. We get all that, so that you won’t suffer.

Now that every surface in the building has been cleaned, it’s time to do the floors. They will be stripped and polished using chemicals with the lowest volatile organic chemicals available. Your floors will look amazing after your professional team of cleaners gets done with them. One last go-over of every surface to make sure nothing was missed, and the job is done.

The Dangers of Construction Cleanup

a team member cleaning up after construction

People who work in a newly built building take it for granted that contaminants have been removed. Many tenants who can’t afford professional cleaning crews try to clean themselves. What they don’t know is that there is more to post construction cleaning than just sweeping up the wood shavings, dusting and washing the windows. People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, asthma, heart trouble and various lung diseases will know immediately that something isn’t right.

Fine particulates are interspersed with the construction dust. They cling to newly painted walls and newly positioned drop ceilings. Only a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter or HEPA filter will capture every single scrap of particulate in post construction cleaning. Additionally, while it was being built, the building had the HVAC running in order to test it and to test the ducts for leaks. This pulled the particulates in and circulated them. A professional cleaning team will have the proper clothing, equipment, and chemicals with which to tame the particulates.

Moreover, asbestos and lead are still used in some construction materials, despite the battle to eradicate them altogether. Lung diseases like mesothelioma and other cancers have been the result of exposure to asbestos and lead. Add to these the presence of silica in many construction products, and you have a pretty potent soup to which you’ll be susceptible. Your cleaning company in Sacramento will have the proper testing equipment for these things before the building is turned over to its tenants.

Mold is dangerous. Exposure to mold can cause headaches, stomach cramps, and fevers. The worst part about it is that it can shut down someone’s chest in the blink of an eye. That’s not just serious, it’s frightening. Mold spores aren’t just limited to wet areas like bathrooms. It floats in the air like pollens and can grow in fabrics, behind wallpaper and on ceilings (if there’s water damage above). Only professional cleaners will have the knowledge, training, and certification to find the mold and destroy it.

The very air we breathe is contaminated with industrial pollution, pollens, car emissions, cigarette smoke, chemicals and other contaminants. The cleaning company in Sacramento will use specially designed air purifiers with which to remove these contaminants from the air inside the building. Good indoor air quality is necessary for the continued good health of the building’s inhabitants. Professional cleaners ensure such good air quality.

New Home Post Construction Cleaning

A house under construction

New construction house cleaning is different from commercial construction for one reason. Time is something a home builder doesn’t have. When he finishes your house, he already has another lined up. He must clear the debris, make sure everything is up to code when the inspectors come by, and then he’s off. He’s already behind on his next job.

Another point about residential post construction cleaning is that the inspectors will make very sure the ducts are clean and the air quality is good before you get the keys. Post construction cleaning doesn’t have to worry about that part of it, like they would with commercial cleaning. Your asthmatics and allergy sufferers in the family will be alright.

Therefore, new construction house cleaning begins from the bottom up. That means the basement is first. The pipes, ducts, water heater and any conduit are cleaned. If the walls are just framed and not plastered, then they, too, get cleaned. Any doors and windows are cleaned, stickers removed, and cleaned again. The floor is scrubbed and polished. The stairs are cleaned, and now we move up into the house itself.

Walls are cleaned for any particulate left over. All windows and doors are cleaned, stickers removed, and cleaned again. Hardwood floors are scrubbed and polished. Carpets are deep cleaned. Kitchen appliances are deep cleaned, stickers removed and cleaned again. Cabinetry is cleaned from the inside out, top and bottom. Windows and doors are cleaned, stickers removed and cleaned again. The floors are cleaned and polished. Walls are cleaned for particulates. Vents are cleaned inside and out.

Living areas, dining rooms and hallways are treated in the same manner. Light fixtures, light switches and electrical outlets are cleaned as well. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and any other storage spaces are given the same treatment.


We at Cleanit Janitorial Service in Sacramento understand what is needed in post construction cleaning. Team members are trained and certified in such cleaning, using only the best cleaning materials available for your health and contentment.