Daily Cleaning Services

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At Cleanit Janitorial Services, our daily cleaning services include dusting, emptying wastebaskets, vacuuming, spot cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor buffing, fabric and furniture care, post-construction cleanup, kitchen and break room cleaning, detail restroom cleaning and restocking, glass and window cleaning, security system implementation and the ordering and stocking of janitorial product supplies.


As a reputable company known to provide commercial cleaning solutions, our daily cleaning services have been modeled to handle very demanding cleaning tasks. Our professional cleaners well handle cleaning services such as heavy dirt management that may not be convenient for individual businesses or corporate organizations.
We believe that a clean and healthy environment promotes individual health and enhances more productive and profitable lifestyle. This is why we are very thorough with our cleaning services to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness for every service delivery.


Among several cleaning firms, we have made a name for ourselves and this we did in a short period. We were able to achieve this by our relentless devotions to the needs of the customers with our collective approach coupled with team member experience and paying attention to details. From the management itself, the professionalism displayed them in their commitment to satisfying clients has set this firm apart and make us stand out among the best. We have been able to deliver consistency year-in-year-out due to our undivided devotion to service perfection.


We deliver A-rated professional cleaning services to all premises be it your home or a work environment. No matter how tedious the job may seem to be, we always make it easy and simple. A clean environment always creates a great impression of you for visitors and client who may be coming around. We also maintain a work environment for staff productiveness.
Our core values:

  • Integrity

  • Responsibility

  • Teamwork

  • Attention to details

  • Professionalism

  • Team member consistency

  • Excellence

  • Innovation and creativity

  • High productivity rate


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Janitorial and porter services are made available to take care of litter and debris that seem to constitute some nuisance in your property and home. Our services cover home and office daily cleaning. Homeowners can get a call through to us for dusting, emptying waste basket, vacuuming, and carpet cleaning, and so on. Office services may include detailed restroom cleaning, restocking, glass and window cleaning and then ordering and stocking of janitorial product supplies. All of this services mentioned are just a few of what we deliver in our daily commercial cleaning services

Organizations also get in touch with us to keep sidewalks and pedestrian plazas clean for a more healthy environment and general area maintenance. Parking lots to parking facilities are also not left behind in our daily cleaning services.  Post cleanup is also offered such as when a building project has been completed. Some of these services in our daily office cleaning include dirt, dust and debris removal that are left behind by construction crews.


Irrespective of how your business or organization may look like, we can adapt our services in a way that it satisfies you and this we guarantee you because we pay attention to every single detail. All we need do is discuss what you want, make the perfect cleaning plan according to your specification and then deliver an excellent service in line with hygiene best practices. The office cleaning solution that we provide is of high quality and at a reasonable price.


This plan caters specifically for what you want to see at the end and will be operational at the time most convenient for you and the entire workforce. You are offered transparency for all the cleaning works as you are always in contact with us to discuss our work plan on a regular basis.
These services include:

  • Personal management system

  • Backup janitors that are always on standby

  • Provision of needed equipment and cleaning materials

  • Responsible and committed approach to health and safety

  • Working practices that are environmentally friendly


This aspect is a very fragile one as carpets and upholstery are constantly faced with wearing even though they are an expensive investment. It is, therefore, advisable to carry out routine vacuuming to protect and maintain them for the perfect visual impression and a healthy environment. It is at this point we come in to give you that premium service that you desire.
This includes:

  • The use of high quality and eco-friendly chemicals

  • Hot water extraction services

  • Dry powder and bonnet cleaning methods for stain remover

  • Leather cleaning with pro-chemical leather cleaner and the addition of conditioning cream to preserve the leather

  • These services make these carpets and upholstery to look their best while protecting your investment


Our high quality and thorough cleaning services use professional cleaning materials and equipment for client satisfaction. Our reliable service assures a noticeable difference that cannot easily be ignored by friends and fellow work associates.


We are out to create and maintain rest and washroom environment that are safe, clean and hygienic for use both in the workplace and in your home. We give details to organizational standard and individual satisfaction to create a place that is pleasant and welcoming using the best cleaning materials.


Surfaces that are hard require experienced and technical expertise for proper cleaning and maintenance. Our team members are well trained on the latest and most effective trends in floor cleaning and maintenance. These services include:

  • Striping, sealing, and polishing of floor

  • Scrubbing and recoating of tiled floors

  • Scrubbing of all floor types

  • Scrubbing and buffing of tiled floors

  • High-speed floor burnishing

Additional services:

  • Dusting

  • Renovation and post construction cleaning

  • Marble restoration

  • Special request cleaning

  • Emptying wastebasket

  • Spot cleaning

  • Fabric and furniture care

  • Kitchen and break room cleaning

  • Security system implementation

  • Ordering and stocking of janitorial product and supplies

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our daily commercial cleaning services can deliver that professional cleanup for your business at every level. Just as it is our policy to maintain high standards while keeping customer satisfaction in mind, you can confide in us to make you happy as we provide you with the specific cleaning services that you need.  We continually strive for a better relationship with our clients and this, in turn, has led to the expansion of our customer base. All of this, we have achieved through new ideas, focusing on best practices and modern innovations in all our scheduled cleaning services.