Office Cleaning

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We know that first impressions are everything.  When a client or staff member enters into your office, our goal is to have them impressed and delighted by a fresh and clean atmosphere.  Some of the office cleaning services we perform for our clients include dusting, emptying wastebaskets, vacuuming, spot cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor buffing, fabric and furniture care, post-construction cleanup, kitchen and break room cleaning, detail restroom cleaning and restocking, glass and window cleaning, security system implementation and the ordering and stocking of janitorial product supplies.  We treat your office as if it were our own office.

We understand that you are required to spend a great deal of time at the office each day. It is a peace of mind knowing that your office is already cleaned when you arrive. Hiring a professional for cleaning your office can save you a lot of time and can keep your office regularly clean, plus we also provide an affordable service. But, it is crucial to find a reliable company you can count on. Finding a commercial office cleaning company that matches your budget, does not challenge your patience, and completes cleaning duty on time is important.
It really does not count that an office has several team members or just a couple of them, each and every team member has its own office cleaning needs. However, we ensure you that the services we provide lives up to the perfection. To make certain that you are getting what you want from us, here is a checklist our cleaning service.

Every day we make sure to empty your wastebaskets and replace the bags. Carefully vacuuming your carpets, sweeping and mopping tile or wooden floors are the basics we are really good at. We also make sure to sanitize door handles and knobs. Based on how many team member are hired, door knobs or handles are touched dozens of times every day. We make sure to turn off all the lights and lock the doors after the cleaning process is completed. Once every week, dusting is carried out to clean room fixtures.

Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning

Commercial kitchens or break areas are also included as a top priority on our checklist. Procedure for cleaning floors and trash bins is identical but there are more items to be taken care of. For example, kitchens and break rooms have coffee makers, microwaves, and refrigerators. We thoroughly clean out the interiors of these appliances and provide protection against germs by sanitizing their handles as well. We also clean out chairs, counter-tops, cabinets, and sink as well. We also replace paper towels if they run out as well. We will not take care of your dishes but you can expect us to refill dish soap on a weekly basis. When our job is completed, we make sure to switch off the lights and lock the door leading to the kitchen or break room.

Inside a building that used office cleaning services in Sacramento, CA

Cleaning a Common Area

Aside from the standard break room, we also provide cleaning service for a company which incorporates a social area or a common room as well. Besides the standard floor and trash cleaning process, we also daily clean out the glass doors leading to the common room. If there is any exposure of woodwork, we clean it out as well and finally after completing our job, like always, we turn off the lights and lock out the door.

Restroom Cleaning and restocking

This is the crucial part of our checklist. To become a reputable cleaning service business, it is necessary to have skills required to know how to properly clean the restroom. Commonly, the majority of the offices have two or more restrooms. That is why it is crucial for us to maintain the cleanliness of the restrooms. Wastebaskets are regularly emptied along with changing their bags during every single session. We care about the hygienic conditions of the bathroom by cleaning toilet seat, bowl and handle. Urinals are also cleaned and sanitised along with their handles. Besides sanitising toilet door handles, paper towel holders, and removing the trash when required, we also make certain to refill air freshener cartridges and soap dispensers as needed.

Daytime Cleaning designed around your needs

We also offer affordable daytime cleaning services while making sure that your office staff is not disturbed. Having a daytime cleaning service rather than after hours can help you save cleaning expenses and preserve electrical energy as well. As there is no cleaning staff required to work after hours, you will not have to worry about keeping your lights and cooling/heating systems on. You will also feel more secure as the doors are kept lock after working hours. A carefully maintained and cleaned work space can also lead to an improved productivity of yourteam members.

The Janitorial Cleaning services we provide include:

  • Fabric and furniture care

  • Kitchen and break room cleaning

  • Detail restroom cleaning and restocking

  • Glass and window cleaning

  • Ordering and stocking of janitorial product supplies.

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Floor buffing

  • Vacuuming

  • Dusting

  • Emptying wastebaskets

Carpet Cleaning

We provide ideal standards of carpet cleaning services. Our innovative methods of carpet cleaning remove dirt, sand, grit, stains and germs. We have a dry steam cleaning system that reaches deep down and removes dirt that causes damage to carpet fibers. The method we use for carpet cleaning really eliminates up to 95 % of germs and bacteria that hides in carpets.

Floor buffing

Our floor buffing techniques clearly make your floor shine and look distinct. Upon agreement, we can also place back the furniture in the room.

Dusting and Vacuuming

First of all, we gather trash from every trash bin, then we look underneath your office furniture to make the cleaning process easy. After that, the furniture is dusted out properly and later cleaned. Finally, according to their surface, floors are properly vacuumed. To prevent any physical harm, we move the entire furniture before effectively vacuuming every single part of the surface.

Fabric and Furniture cleaning

To make sure that your office furniture's fabric gets cleaned up without any damage, we use the equipment that is environmentally friendly and proficiently removes dust, allergens, and dirt from the fabric of your furniture.
If your office has a wood furniture, we use clean, damp, and lint-free cloth to clean them out.

Glass and window cleaning

It is one of our remarkable qualities to clean out windows and glass doors in an instant. It will truly amaze you! We have all the required cleaning tools like sprayers, poles, ladders, and dedicated staff to ensure the safety of the cleaning process.
Cleaning out the glass of tall buildings is quite a risky job which is intelligently performed by our professional team members. To face any unfortunate accidents, we are also well equipped with a safety kit.